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Mobile biogas flares

C-nox has developed a mobile biogas flare technology which allows the operators of biogas plants to provide, in a short reaction time, a high-quality, fully automatic flare as emergency disposal system. The advantage is the simple operation by the structural assembly of the flare on a common type-approved trailer, which can be pulled by a minibus or a transporter. This allows the biogas plant operators a more flexible handling and facilitates the service at emergencies!

mobile biogas flare
Gas flare with all necessary safety devices corresponding to DVGW guidelines.

Independent lifting and lowering of the flare cathedral with complete automatic hydraulic unit equipped with hydraulic cushioning and load control valves, separate hydraulic motor for constructing a pressure up to 220 bar, adjustable lifting speed.

Lying main gas valve train, ignition burner with its own gas valve train, burner technology as Injector, burner technology is designed to adapt reacts at different flow rates and a safe burning temperatures ≥ 850 ° C ensures system of stainless steel 1.4571, switchgear with mobile phase connection and flexible gas connection, optional construction and installation of a gas compressor on its own trailer for sucking the biogas to be disposed of.


  • 3 tons high board trailer construction, approx. 4,0m x 2,0m
  • Mobile systems  with all safety devices according to the DVGW guidelines
  • Lifting and bringing down the flare dome by use of a hydraulic drive
  • Injector burner, adjustable to different volume flows  Mobile flare unit, TÜV tested and approved by the Germanischen Lloyd
C-Nox Mobile Biogasfackel