Company history of the MEDAX GmbH & Co. KG

January 2018
MEDAX GmbH & Co. KG has taken over the know-how and the team of C-nox.

Company history of the C-nox environmental engineering

March 2015
C-nox produces a further mobile combustion installation for deployment at a refinery.

February 2015
C-nox receives two further orders for the supply of leakage gas to a pipeline.

January 2015
C-nox receives an order for the supply of a gas compressor station with gas flare for a composting installation.

December 2014
C-nox exhibits at the "Pollutec" trade fair in Lyon, France, and concludes further contracts for the manufacture of gas flares for gas from landfill sites and biogas for the French and African markets.

October 2014
The Federal Republic of Germany grants the patent certificate number 10 2012 023 257 for thermal post-combustion.

September 2014
Business in France selling gas flares develops much better than expected.

June 2014
C-nox delivers a further gas flare installation to Costa Rica.

March 2014
C-nox receives its first order for the supply of a flare from South Africa.

December 2013
Production in Neumünster running at its maximum in order to meet the customer's deadline for the retrofitting of a gas flare.

August 2013
C-nox experiences a boom in orders for retrofitted equipment in Germany.

June 2013
C-nox sets up a subsidiary office in France near Paris in order to respond to the steadily growing market in France.

April 2013
C-nox increases the turnover of industrial installations, in particular that for the chemical and petrochemical industries, an important part of its business.

January 2013
C-nox develops an economical flare for retrofitting, the so-called Smart flare.

August 2012
Procurement of its first real estate and relocation with office, production and assembly facilities within Neumünster.

March 2012
The company increases its share capital thanks to its rapid growth.

December 2011
C-nox exceeds the delivery of 250 flare installations in the biogas industry within a single business year.

January 2011
Expansion of the product portfolio by the development of components for the cooling and drying of gases.

1st March 2010
C-nox receives two further large orders from England.

September 2009
Expansion of the product portfolio by the development of components for the desulphurisation of biogas.

August 2009
C-nox receive its largest order to date for the supply of a combustion chamber installation (50 MW) from the Dutch Shell AG.

April 2009
Relocation to Neumünster into a larger office with a production hall.

July 2008
Foundation of a strategic partnership in Thailand for the Far-East market.

April 2007

Expansion of the product range with a gas compressor station.

March 2006
C-nox receives a large order from ExxonMobil for the supply of a high-temperature combustion installation.Subsequent monthsInitial repeat orders for the supply of biogas flares.

June 2005
Foundation of C-nox GmbH & Co. KG with head office in Rendsburg.

April 2005
Idea of founding a company for the manufacture of combustion installations.The partners see themselves as "entrepreneurs" and are at the same time enthusiastic engineers whose ideas are then perfected and implemented by their employees.