High-temperature flares for the disposal of contaminated industrial waste gases

Our high temperature flares are deployed when the environmentally compatible disposal of contaminated gases and exhaust air is required. The origin and formation of these gases can be very variable.

Most of these gases have a high calorific value from the outset and are therefore combustible. Other gases do not have a sufficient calorific value. These are called "lean gases". Such gases may, in certain circumstances, be mixed with an additional, high-calorific support gas in order to fully burn up in the combustion chamber.

C-nox offers solutions for this combustion sector with the following products:

HTV Basic

>1000 °C controlled

without support gas


HTV Support

>1000 °C controlled

with support gas


HTV Advanced

>1000 °C controlled

support gas reduction

feed air pre-heater

very low

LCH flares
The low price variant for all high temperature and medium temperature emergency gas applications

to approx. 900 °C