C-nox Fire Box

Functional principles

Conventional heat exchangers can only be used within limitations on account of their material properties at high temperatures. For this reason, only a small part of the heat from the flame can be used for the pre-heating of the raw gas.

The patented recuperative combustion chamber from C-nox (patent no.: 10 2012 023 257) improves the heat recovery from exhaust gases and allows the autothermal combustion of methane concentrations of single digit percentages. The saving in support gas compared to the standard technology is considerable. 

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  • Disposal of gases from landfill sites
  • Chemical industry (e.g. ammonia, ethylene)
  • Production of natural gas, pipelines
  • Disposal of leakage gas, emergency systems
  • Tank storage facility cleaning
  • Disposal of pyrolysis gas
  • Sewage gas and biogas
  • Various exhaust gases