LCH flares

The light option for the economically minded

Standardization is the focus here.

LCH flares (medium-temperature flares) are excellent for emergency disposal installations with constant methane concentrations (calorific values). The pre-set air supply ensures the correct combustion temperature and dwell time for the combustion gas.

In this variant, once again only high quality components are used fulfilling all safety-engineering requirements (e.g. ATEX, DIN EN 746-2, DIN EN 298).

Design sizeGas quantityDesign sizeGas quantity
(Type)Q [N m³/h](Type)Q [N m³/h]
LCH 0,4approx. 20 to 70LCH 3,6approx. 165 to 655
LCH 0,8approx. 40 to 145LCH 4,0approx. 181 to 725
LCH 1,2approx. 55 to 220LCH 4,4approx. 200 to 800
LCH 1,6approx. 75 to 290LCH 4,8approx. 220 to 870
LCH 2,0approx. 90 to 365LCH 5,2approx. 236 to 945
LCH 2,4approx. 110 to 440LCH 5,6approx. 255 to 1.020
LCH 2,8approx. 130 to 510LCH 6,0approx. 275 to 1.100
LCH 3,2approx. 145 to 580

Other sizes on request.
We reserve the right to make technical modifications.