Low-temperature flares
Combustion of biogas, sewage gas and synthetic gases

The C-nox low temperature flares are distinguished by their simple and robust construction. The maintenance and operating costs have therefore been reduced to a minimum. Only high quality components are used, all of which fulfil all technical safety requirements (e.g. ATEX, DIN EN 746-2, DIN EN 298). Thanks to the modular system, the most economical solution is available for every application.

C-nox offers solutions for a combustion temperature of 850°C with the following products:

NT flares
The professional option
for all applications

Gas quantities 20 to 1,100 Nm3/h
Combustion rating from 110 kW

LCN flares
the light option
for retrofitting

Gas quantities 20 to 365 Nm3/h
Combustion rating approx. 110 to 2,000 kW