Sewage gas flare Waste Water Treatment Plant Atakoy (Turkey)

Low-temperature combustion plant for the incineration of excess sewage gas

Environmentally compatible incineration of excess sewage gas from a waste water treatment plant in Turkey with 250.000 inhabitant equivalents.

Description of the plant:
Near the Turkish city of Istanbul, in the town of Atakoy, a German general contractor built a turnkey waste water treatment plant. After the biological process the sewage sludge is digested in an anaerobic process (mesophile conditions) and sewage gas is obtained. The sewage gas is used thermally to cover the own heat demand of the waste water treatment plant and furthermore is valorized in CHP units, producing electricity that is fed into the public grid. Due to fluctuations in the gas production and to cover maintenance and service periods, a reliable incineration facility of the sewage gas must be installed. This flare was supplied and assembled by C-nox.

Technical data:
Volume flow gaseous mixture: 600 – 2.300 m3/h
Heating value: 6,5 kWh/m3
Gas inlet pressure: 5 – 30 mbar
Firing power: 4,2 – 14,9 MW