Combustion chamber plant for the remediation of contaminated soils in Mexico

High-temperature combustion plant for the incineration of exhaust air from fuels

Environmentally compatible incineration of fuel exhaust air from contaminated soils

Plant description:
In the frame of the preparation of a former tank farm area on the outskirts of Mexico City for the erection of a new recreation park, an extensive soil remediation project was needed.
Over decades fuels and other similar mixtures flew uncontrolled into the soil and meanwhile have contaminated the ground water in some areas. The soil is sucked off with a special draining and piping system and washed. Fuel residues are sucked off and the generated gases are led to the C-nox high-temperature combustion chamber. The C-nox high-temperature combustion chamber incinerates in an environmentally compatible way the gaseous mixture of steam and volatile carbons at a temperature of more than 1200°C.

Technical data:
Volume flow gaseous mixture: max 150 m3/h
Load: 0 - 350 g/m3
Inlet pressure: max: 100 mbar
Firing power: 1.750 kW