Low-temperature flare for sewage gas combustion

Low-temperature flare as emergency/operation flare for the environmentally compatible combustion of sewage gas

The produced biogas is stored in an anaerobic digester or in a gas storage tank, then compressed (weight-load of the storage tank or compressors) and transported to the consumers.
The condensate generated by the cooling of the biogas along the transport path is removed with condensate traps and led to a condensate shaft or tank. The sewage gas is burned in a C-nox low-temperature flare whenever the gas is not consumed by one of the gas consumers and the gas storage tank is maximally filled.

Plant description:
The low-temperature flare is a facility for the combustion of methane-containing gases with a CH4-content of minimum 30 Vol%. The remaining gas components must be inerts.

Technical data:
Volume flow gaseous mixture:1.200 m3/h
Pressure max: 80 mbar
CH4-Content: (max) 68 Vol%
Power: 8,2 MW