Low-temperature flare for biogas combustion

Low-temperature flare as emergency flare for the environmentally compatible combustion of biogas

The produced biogas is stored in an anaerobic digester or in a gas storage tank, then compressed (weight-load of the storage tank or compressors) and transported to the consumers.

Plant description:
The facility is automatically switched on resp. off by external signals or internal pressure switches.
The starting procedure following EN746 is controlled by the EN-approved burner management system. In function of the flare type, after the start of the main burner control unit and with the operating message the temperature set point regulation is activated via a specially parameterized PID hardware controller. The draft flaps are adjusted according to the initial gas pressure and the heating value of the combustion gas in order to achieve the set temperature.

Technical data:
Volume flow gaseous mixture max: 300 m3/h
Pressure max: 5-90 mbar
Power: 1,7 MW
Material burner tube 1.4841