Combustion chamber plant with gas compression container

High-temperature combustion plant for the incineration of hydrocarbon-charged exhaust air

Pressureless exhaust air from tank cleaning.

Plant description:
The high-temperature chamber must incinerate the A1-A3-steam-air-mixtures in the below described operation range in an environmentally compatible way. The gaseous mixture is drawn off the tank with an adequate, pressure shock resistant gas compressor and then led with sufficient pressure to the C-nox high-temperature combustion chamber.
The C-nox high-temperature combustion chamber starts fully automatically when switched on.
As inert gaseous mixtures with a low hydrocarbon load can occur, an auxiliary burner on the basis of propane is integrated.

Technical Data:
Volume flow gaseous mixture: 3.000 m3/h
Load: 0 - 350 g/
Pressure: 1.000 mbar
Firing power: 5.000 kW