High-temperature flare/compression unit Hemsbüde

High-temperature combustion plant for the incineration of hydrocarbon-charged exhaust air

The leakage gas of a compression station for the compression of gases from a natural gas field shall primarily be used in the existent heating gas system from an operating site in Lower Saxony.

Plant description:
ExxonMobil is extending a compression plantin Lower Saxony by a new compression station. Dry Gas Seals are being used as shaft seals at the compression stations. With these types of seals it comes to technically conditioned leakages of the seal gas system. Until recently, the leakages from the existing compression stations were emitted to the atmosphere. In future they will be incinerated in an environmentally compatible manner in the innovative C-nox high-temperature flare.

Technical Data:
Exhaust gas temperature tip of the flame: >1000 °C
Heating value fuel gas: variabel (5 – 8  kWh/m3)
Pressure in front of the burner: max. 100 mbar
Firing power: variable (75 – 410 kW)