High-temperature combustion plant Misburg

High-temperature combustion plant for the incineration of hydrocarbon-charged exhaust air

The displaced air from the filling of tank wagons with crude oil is transported in a pipe to the C-nox flare to be incinerated in an environmentally compatible way.

Plant description:
The C-nox high-temperature flare is a facility for the incineration of hydrocarbon-charged exhaust air with a high content of oxygen, reason for which the gas must be classified as Zone 0. The main components of the high-temperature flare are the combustion chamber and the burner, the combustion-air intake, the gas zone and the switching cabinet. The high-temperature flare is hot-dip galvanized, the burners are made of stainless steel.

Technical data:
Volume flow gaseous mixture: 100m3/h
Heating point fuel gas: 5,5 kWh/m3
Pressure in front of the burner: max. 100 mbar
Firing power: 550 kW