Medium temperature flares
Combustion of biogases, sewage gases and synthetic gases

The C-nox medium temperature flares are distinguished by their simple and robust construction. The maintenance and operating costs have therefore been reduced to a minimum. Exclusively high quality components are used which fulfil all technical safety requirements (e.g. ATEX, DIN EN 298, ISO 22580).

C-nox offers solutions for this combustion sector with the following products:


The professional option for every application
Thanks to the modular system, the most economical solution is available for every application. Design examples for all biogases, sewage gases or synthetic gases for combustion temperatures of up to 900°C, 0,3 s retention time, covered combustion:


  • With or without pressure booster ventilator (compressor)
  • Installation on a foundation or container roof
  • Support gas burner
  • Bivalent applications (separate gas feeds)
  • Multi-level
  • Winter package with housing and electric heating

Brochure MT flares